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Jill L. Basso

Expertise from a Diverse Background

Portrait, Jill Basso, Master Tai Chi Instructor

Sifu Jill L. Basso has been a Tai Chi Instructor since 1996 and a student of Tai Chi since 1995. She has studied primarily in NYC with Cheng Man- Ch’ing’s senior students and Patience Tai Chi. She has been primarily influenced by Master William C. Phillips, Stanley Israel, James Leporati, Katy Cheng, ,Mario Napoli, Steve Levi, Bill Law, Ken Van Sickle and her friends and colleagues at Patience Tai Chi Association in NYC. Most recently she had the opportunity to complete a seminar with Benjamin Lo.

In 1996, she founded Hudson Valley Tai Chi in Columbia County, Chatham, NY. Hudson Valley Tai Chi continues to offer classes, by her senior students, in the Hudson Valley area of NY state. As well as teaching, she organized and hosted annual Tai Chi meets in the park..

She was a Tai Chi competitor from 1997-2004 in NY, MD, Virginia and Taiwan. She earned three gold medals in tai chi form and push hands, as well as silver and bronze medals in fixed, restricted step and moving push hands. Jill says that competition was “a great and fun learning experience, providing a mirror of her skills with peers in the greater Tai Chi community”.

Moving to Santa Fe in 2007, Jill currently teaches classes for adults at the Tai Chi Institute. Since 2010, she has been coordinating the Santa Fe Push Hands Club, an open forum and practice for all Tai Chi practitioners in the Santa Fe area. She has been an instructor of Tai Chi for children ages 5-12 at the Golden Acorns Camp for the Healing Arts for the last five years.

She has a love for teaching children and adults and combines her specialties as an educator and body worker to her students and her practice. It continues to be a joyful journey of learning and cultivating this ancient art.


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Career Highlights


Licensed K-12 Special Education Teacher with endorsement in Physical Education and Health, State of New Mexico (2014)

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (2003) ~ Behavior Analysis is an empirically-validated science to teaching and learning using behavioral principles and strategies.

  • Consultant, Workshop Presenter and Teacher Trainer for Schools / Organizations NM, NY, MA and FL. Since 2000
  • Consultant to Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Attention Disorder, Developmental Disabilities and Behavioral Challenges for children ages 2-21.
  • Work with families and children with disabilities to improve learning and independence in their lives.

Master’s Degree in Special Education (1988)

  • Degree conferred from Columbia University, Teacher’s College
  • Full Scholarship Recipient
  • Teacher for students with Intellectual Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Emotional Challenges and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation (1985)

  • Degree conferred at Cortland State University, NY, cum laude
  • Specialized in Outdoor Recreation & Leadership
  • Specialized in working with children / adults with disabilities.

Licensed Massage Therapist (2008)

  • National Certification in Therapeutic Massage
  • Provide Craniosacral Therapy for Children, Special Needs Children & Adults
  • Teach Shiastsu, Reflexology and Compassionate Touch to Children
  • Asian / Five Element Theory, Structural work & Integrated Massage Modalities

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Feel free to contact Jill for a copy of any of her resumes: 

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