Classes & Workshops

Instructor, Jill L. Basso, will teach you how to enjoy the benefits that Tai Chi brings.

Jill offers Classes, Workshops for Retreats and Conferences
and Tai Chi for Kids

Desert Sage Tai Chi Classes Santa Fe, Meet in the Park, Jill Basso Tai Chi Instructor, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tai Chi Classes

Jill teaches the Cheng Man-Ch”ing Short Form (Yang Short Form), a 37-posture Tai Chi form. Her classes include classic & fundamental Tai Chi principles, standing meditation (Wuji), standing postures, silk-reeling exercises, solo & two-person exercises, push-hands, self-defense applications, Tai Chi sword, sword dueling, as well as readings from the classics.

Jill teaches the postures with attention to detail, into short sets to help students learn each posture well and blend into a seamless & continuous form. Her students can continue the practice at home with ease and understanding. Students are encouraged to have a daily practice.

“With great attention to detail, and a contagious smile, the joy Jill has in teaching is very obvious. Highly recommended.”
~ Db

Tai Chi Institute

1:30 pm
-3:00 pm
Santa Fe Push Hands Club
Tai Chi Institute

12:30 pm
-1:45 pm
Beginner Level  

2:00 pm
-3:15 pm  
Intermediate / Advanced Level

3:30 pm
-4:15 pm  
Tai Chi Sword

Tai Chi Meets & Practice Groups in the park

Tai Chi Workshops

Private Lessons in the Park (or Tai Chi Institute)

St. Vincent’s Holistic Center

5:30 pm
-6:30 pm
Beginner Level 

Private Lessons in the Park:
Spring, summer & fall evenings

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Classes Offered

~ New students are welcome to attend one free introductory class! ~

Tai Chi for Beginners – Level 1

Tai Chi for Beginners - Desert Sage Tai Chi Classes, Jill Basso Tai Chi Instructor, Santa Fe, New MexicoLearn basic postures of tai chi form found in the first third of Cheng Man-Ch’ing form. Learn to relax and deepen the mind-body connection of your body and apply core principles of tai chi such as balance, sinking, rooting and dynamic structure.  Learn pre-liminary practices to allow a free flow of  movement such as traditional silk-reeling exercises, standing  (Wu-ji) and moving meditation and chi exercises. Introduction to two-person sensing hands to apply core tai chi principles, listening and sensitivity with a partner.

Tai Chi Intermediate & Advanced – Level 2 & 3

Tai Chi for Intermediate and Advanced students - Desert Sage Tai Chi Classes, Jill Basso Tai Chi Instructor, Santa Fe, New MexicoLearn the postures of the Cheng Man-Ch’ing Form (Yang Short Form) which includes the second third and completion of the form. Learn intermediate and advanced tai chi principles to deepen your practice. Continue to learn exercises that support proper body structure & alignment, relaxation and the momentum of each tai chi posture. The teacher will provide advanced form corrections such as proper stances.  Sensing hands and push hands will be introduced, to practice listening, sticking, adhering and following with a partner, as well as beginner self defense applications, using tai chi principles of non-force.

Tai Chi for Health and Relaxation

A Therapeutic and Integrative Approach to Wellness

Jill ward off_tall2This Tai Chi class is focused on an integrative and therapeutic approach for health, wellness and relaxation. It is based on the basic elements and principles of tai chi such as focused, gentle and meditative movements to create balance and ease in the mind body connection. This will help give rise to relaxation and renewed energy for everyday life.

This class is best suited for clients in community based health care environments such as hospitals, holistic clinics or wellness centers and is suited for people with chronic conditions to improve health and well-being. When practiced regularly, Tai Chi has a beneficial impact on improving health.

The class curriculum focuses on “The Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi” based on the research compiled by the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi (Wayne and Feurst, 2013) and exercises that make up a simplified program that can be practiced anywhere; at home, in nature or on the beach.

The Eight Active Ingredients are:

  •  Awareness – Including mindfulness and focused attention
  • Intention of Embodied movement
  • Structural Integration – Dynamic Form and Function of biomechanically efficient shapes
  • Active Relaxation – Meditation in motion using flowing movements
  • Strengthening and Flexibility
  • Natural Freer Breathing – Helps regulate and harmonize the nervous and organ systems
  • Social Support – Interactions with others toward self discovery
  • Embodied Spirituality – Provide a practical framework integrating mind, body and spirit.

Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi (pdf – thanks to

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Santa Fe Push Hands Club

Santa Fe Tai Chi Push Hands, Desert Sage Tai Chi classes, Jill Basso Instructor, Santa Fe, New MexicoWeekly open practice for beginner to advanced student of Tai Chi Chuan, instructors and all in the community. An informal gathering where folks can practice push hands; the two- person martial art application of Tai Chi Chuan, with a variety of partners in the Santa Fe area. (90 minutes)

Practice Fee: $5. / class

“Jill’s Push Hands Club is always one of the highlights of my week. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and practice with Tai Chi players from different backgrounds and different teachers in the Santa Fe area. Thank you Jill!”
-Rick Von Kaenel, Santa Fe

Tai Chi Sword

Tai Chi Sword Form, Desert Sage Tai Chi classes, Jill Basso Instructor, Santa Fe, New MexicoCheng Man-Ch’ing sword form practice, sword principles and sword dueling.

Tai Chi Meets in the Park & Push Hands in the Park

Desert Sage Tai Chi Classes Santa Fe, Meet in the Park, Jill Basso Tai Chi Instructor, Santa Fe, New MexicoJill offers free Tai Chi community meets in the parks in Santa Fe during the spring, summer and fall. Jill offers free Push Hands in the Park for the shared practice of push hands.

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Tai Chi Class Locations


Tai Chi Institute

1808 2nd St, Santa Fe – (505) 983-8356

Map to Santa Fe Tai Institute - Tai Chi Classes with Desert Sage Tai Chi, Jill Basso Instructor

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St. Vincent’s Health & Holistic Center

490 B. West Zia Road, Suite 4
Santa Fe, NM 87505 – (505) 913-3820


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Link to St. Vincent’s Health & Holistic Center’s Webpage


The nature of Tai Chi classes is that instruction is ongoing. One class builds on the next and so depending on your commitment to class will depend on your mastery of the Tai Chi form. You will learn essentials & principles of Tai Chi and the form depending on your commitment and your practice.

Class fees are collected on the 1st class of each month.
(If you come to class on the 2nd class of the month, payment is due then and so forth. Class fees do not carry over to the following month.)

Tai Chi Institute:

  • Monthly fee: $48/mo. ($12/class)
  • Single pay fee: $15/class

St. Vincent’s Holistic Health Clinic:

  • Single class: $10/class
  • Fitness Pass: $50/6 classes
  • Bottle of water.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes and shoes designated for indoor practice.
  • Tai Chi shoes can be purchased at the Institute.

~ New students are welcome to attend one free introductory class! ~

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Private Lessons

Private Tai Chi lesson with Jill L. Basso, Santa Fe, Desert Sage Tai ChiPrivate lessons are for those students who are interested in lessons to supplement their attendance in class or for an individualized pace of instruction. Please contact the instructor to arrange your individualized schedule. Private lessons can be arranged for individuals, couples, children or small groups.

Late spring, summer or early fall lessons can be held in one of Santa Fe’s beautiful parks.

Fees: Fees range from $30 – $75 in the Santa Fe area, based on size of group and location of lessons and whether the student is an ongoing student in classes. For lessons outside the Santa Fe area, contact Jill for fees.

“Santa Fe hosts many practitioners and instructors of oriental martial and healing arts. Jill Basso is among the few whose gentle practice and instruction is world class.”
~ Richard G, Tai Chi Student

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Tai Chi for Kids!

 Classes for children in the form of private family lessons, school classes or an addition to a summer camp program.

Tai Chi Classes for Kids, Santa Fe, Desert Sage Tai Chi and Jill BassoWith its slow, deliberate moves, Tai Chi has a different feel in the body than other sports / exercises for children. The movements teach children body and postural awareness, self-discipline, deep relaxation of their body and discipline of the mind.

Through games, movement & sensory-based activities and art projects children learn to have fun while improving the mind-body connection. Parents are welcome to join in on the classes.

“I love Tai Chi, its the slowest thing I ever did”
– 8 yr. old, 2012 Golden Acorns Camper

Contact Jill for more information and to discuss your ideal program

Jill is featured in the Golden Acorns Healing Arts and Culture Summer Camp Newsletter – Spring 2013

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Childrens Tai Chi Artwork

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Tai Chi in Schools

Have your students learn Tai Chi form and principles while having fun studying and learning.

Teach your students Tai Chi in your classroom (suggested age: 5 years and up),
Physical Education class or any special school event such as Wellness Days or Health Fairs.


To teach children how to gain the physical and relaxation benefits of Tai Chi Chuan through the ancient and traditional Tai Chi principles and movements.


Children learn:

  • To improve body awareness.
  • To improve balance and coordination of their bodies.
  • To improve posture with Tai Chi movements.
  • Basic postures of Tai Chi Chuan.
  • About their own space in relationship to others.
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation.
  • To improve cooperation with peers.

Tai Chi’s benefit for Children

  • Teaches relaxation and focused attention.
  • Improve sensitivity and listening with others.

These objectives will be achieved through: (sample of activities)

  • Movement, Games, Storytelling and Art
  • Solo / Partner Exercises such as:
    Your Ch’i Balloon  •  Swim on Dry Land • Balance like a Tree   •  Can the wind blow you down?  •  Run Like a Tiger / Walk like a Cat  •  Wave Hands like Clouds  •  Animal Postures such as: Snake Creeps Down, Dragon Plays in the Clouds

“Research into the Effects of Tai Chi” a Compilation for the U.S. Department of Health by Paul Lam, 2012 (pdf)


Customize a class or series of classes as part of the physical education / health curriculum or classroom instruction to supplement the general education curriculum in any private or public school environment.

Lessons can be 30 – 45 minutes in length depending on age group.

Contact Jill to make arrangements for curriculum and scheduling for general or special education students.

Contact Jill  for a copy of her NM License, Educational Degrees and CV

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Attendees can enjoy a Tai Chi workshop at your conference as a great start to their day.

Tai Chi can help attendees to balance their day and conference experience with relaxation of the mind and body. Relaxation can help to improve concentration during a weekend of intellectual stimulation.

Content can include introduction to Tai Chi form, standing meditation, basic Tai Chi postures and slow moving exercises that emphasize energy flow, tai chi principles and chi kung.

Customize a Tai Chi workshop, with topics of your choice, for your attendees.

Choose 30-90 minute workshop(s). Workshops can be offered during an AM, lunch or PM slot.

FEE: Contact Jill to arrange fees.


Stimulate your attendees while promoting relaxation and enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi. This is an excellent and balancing way for attendees to receive the most out of your retreat – provide them with a morning or mid-day tai chi class to refresh their day. Content can include introduction to tai chi form, standing meditation, basic Tai Chi postures and slow moving exercises that emphasize energy flow, Tai Chi principles and chi kung.

  • Customize a Tai Chi workshop for retreat participants
  • Choose 45-90 minute workshop (s). Workshops can be offered during an AM, lunch or PM slot.

FEE: Contact Jill to arrange fees.

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 Wellness Days / Health Fairs

Add Tai Chi to any school, hospital or organizational Wellness Day or Health Fair!

  • Customize a Tai Chi workshop / seminar for participants.
  • Choose workshops of 30 minutes – 90 minutes in length.
  • Workshops can be offered during an AM, lunch or PM slot.

FEE: Contact Jill to arrange fees.

Yin Yang 100

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